How can we bring life, liberty and the pursuit of independence to society?  The American Physical Therapy Association’s vision statement is: Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.  Dr. Cole Galloway and his team at the University of Delaware are taking this vision statement and making it into reality for children and adults with movement restrictions. His love for learning and helping is infectious!

Developmental Psychologist and Pediatric researcher James “Cole” Galloway thinks differently about the role of self-motivated mobility in shaping who we are in early life. As Co-Director of the Pediatric Mobility Lab and Design Studio and Professor at the University of Delaware, he invents assistive devices for children with motor impairments. His approach of combining high tech and low tech—or “go tech”—to restore physical independence and its neurodevelopmental consequences for disabled children has garnered the interest and funding of the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Dept of Education, the assistive technology industry and the toy industry.

I first saw Dr. Galloway speak at the TEDMED conference in 2014 where I was introduced to Go Baby Go. To watch his TEDMED talk click here:


In this episode you will learn:

*Dr. Galloway’s journey from PT to Phd to his remarkable work at the University of Delaware.

*The importance of clear communication for researchers and clinicians when it comes to complex concepts.

*How do you communicate in writing these complex concepts: get a step-by-step guide based on the work of Esther Thelen.

*Why you need to step out of your comfort zone and your profession to succeed in innovation.

*What is Go Baby Go, how was the program created, and where is it going?

*How can body weight harnesses be used for work and home for patients with movement disorders?

*Why it so important for physical therapists to lead the charge to help society move!


This was a fun and inspiring interview that if nothing else will have you up and moving….and maybe get you to think outside of the box on ways help others to move as well.


Thank you for listening and have a great week!  And remember if you like what you are hearing please share with friends and family.  Also, I would love it if you can leave a rating or review on iTunes…click here to leave a rating or review.



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