In this episode Dr. Ravensara Travilian, a massage therapist, educator and all around amazing person talks about the need for trauma aware massage in some of our most vulnerable populations. She talks about her days of working at a refugee clinic in Seattle and how she was able to use massage as a way of creating a safe haven. She talks with such passion and love for her profession and for the people she serves. It is almost impossible to not be inspired by this remarkable woman. Be sure to listen until the end when Raven shares with us what inspires her!

More information about the Traua-Aware Massage:
“Trauma-Aware Massage Therapy is based on a proposal by Christopher Moyer, PhD (you can read his paper “Affective Massage Therapy” by clicking here ), and integrated with the latest science-based knowledge on trauma, stress, depression, and anxiety (you can read an example of this research about the relationships among PTSD, social networks, and suicide risk, by clicking here).”

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©2019 Karen Litzy Physical Therapy PLLC.