In this episode Dr. Sandy Hilton talks about her start in the field of pelvic health and how her treatments have changed over the years as she has grown as a practitioner. Sandy also gives us a preview of her upcoming lecture at the International Spine and Pain Institute’s Clinical Conference: Every Joint has a Brain. In this episode Sandy shares with you:
* Questions to ask your patient/client to screen for pelvic health issues
* How to use motivational interviewing to get help your patients/clients feel more comfortable during your interview
* If your patient/client answers yes to your screening questions what do you do next?
* Why are pelvic health screens important
* What kind of puppet does Sandy use as a visual aid during her lectures

I am also excited to announce that every week I will feature people doing cool and interesting things in the world of health, fitness and physical therapy. So if you are hosting a course, writing a blog, have a great product etc and you want people to know about it please email me at and place in the subject line: HWS Community Board.

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©2019 Karen Litzy Physical Therapy PLLC.