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In this podcast I am joined by Dr. Sarah Haag, PT, DPT; Dr. Sandy Hilton PT, DPT, and Ann Wendel, PT, ATC for a great discussion on waist trainers, made popular lately by the Kardashians and other celebrities.. We speak about the pros and cons of using a waist trainer to decrease the size of your waist vs. using an abdominal brace for medical reasons. We also make the distinction between wearing a corset type of clothing for short periods of time vs. waist training for several hours daily. We clear up some myths about the “core” and provide clear information on the anatomy of the area. We hypothesize about what might be happening to the contents of the abdominal cavity (remember you have organs, muscles and other soft tissue in there) when wearing a waist trainer to shrink your waist. We also talk about women wearing these waist trainers after they give birth…is this a good idea? Finally we each gave some final thoughts that you do not want to miss! This podcast may make you think twice before jumping in to a waist trainer to emulate celebrities. We would love to hear your thought on this topic! Please send a tweet and tell us what you think!
Karen Litzy: @KarenLitzyNYC
Ann Wendel: @PranaPT
Sarah Haag: @SarahHaagPT
Sandy Hilton: @SandyHiltonPT

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