Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mindset mentor for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs. Her best-selling books “Lucky Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” give a fresh and funny road-map to create an outrageously successful life and business.
Denise helps women release their fear of money, set premium prices for their services and take back control over their finances.
Denise is an award winning speaker, author and entrepreneur who helps women transform their Economy-Class money mindset into a First-Class life. Find her at

In this episode Denise share with us common money blocks we may have and how to overcome them. Some of the most common blocks for people in the business of taking care of others include:
1) Helping people and making money are not mutually exclusive!
2) Learn to be a leader and take control…regardless of what your job position is.
3) Source out what you are not an expert in…plus many more

She shares many more blocks we may have around money as well as how to create a call to action, how to surround yourself with like-minded people and how to make your working life flow with ease!

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©2019 Karen Litzy Physical Therapy PLLC.