Welcome to the first episode of the new year! I am delighted to have on the show Dr. JR Rosploch. He is a physical therapist based in Green Bay, WI and the inventor of The Pronator. In this episode Dr. Rosploch not only talks about The Pronator but the process of going from an idea to an actual product. In this episode JR shares his journey from a sketch on a piece of paper to the prototype to the mass production of The Pronator. He shares the books that helped him along the way and we have a great conversation about the importance of social media in making connections and providing great content to your target audience. Make sure to listen to the end because JR will be giving away The Pronator to a lucky listener!
For more information on The Pronator go to www.thepronator.com.

**Please remember this is the process that worked for Dr. Rosbloch and you should always contact a lawyer if you are thinking of bringing a product to market.

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©2019 Karen Litzy Physical Therapy PLLC.