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110: DPT Student chat w/ Stephanie Sandvick & Holly Pulket

Stephanie, Holly and I discuss the important issues to DPT students now. The ladies gave tips on how to pick the right DPT program for you, how to choose the right clinical rotation, what they felt was missing from their PT curriculum and finally how to stand out when interviewing for your first job. The […]

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109: Simple Contact review w/ Barrett Dorko, PT

In this episode I review the Simple Contact course given by Barrett Dorko in NYC 2 weeks ago. I discussed the course with Barrett Dorko, PT; Erica Meloe, PT and personal trainers Ben Sabo and Matthew Danziger. It was a great course based on neuroscience principles that I was immediately able to take to my […]

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108: Dr. Jarod Cater and the cash based PT business

This is part 2 of my interviews on the cash based physical therapy model. Dr. Carter ad I discussed how to get new referrals to your business and how to network the right way. We also discussed the practical day to day running of a cash based business (i.e. how many patients per day, rates, […]

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107: Cash based PT w/ Ann Wendel & Allan Besselink, PTs

This show is part one of a 2 part show on cash based (non-insurance based) physical therapy practices. Ann, Allan and I discussed the pros and cons of a cashed based practice, why they decided to go with the cash based model, the importance of a mentor, and the big “mistake” they made when growing […]

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106: Francesca Cervero, private yoga instructor

Francesca and I discussed how and why she made the move from teaching group yoga classes to private one-on-one sessions with clients. She then shared with us the principles of her yoga teacher training course on how to teach yoga in the home or office. Highlights include how to create the yoga space and communications […]

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105: Jerry Durham and Dr. Larry Benz, physical therapists and Biz PT

We discussed what is an evidenced based practice, how to keep your profits up witht he changes in insurance, what does it mean to have a “niche ” in physical therapy, and the omportance f having a mentor for your nusiness (even if that mentor is not in the phyiscal therapy business). This show is […]

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104: Dustienne Miller, PT, MS WCS

Dustienne and I discuss how yoga can help with the treatment of pelvic pain. We also talk about the importance of the breathe not only in yoga but in everyday life as a way to reset our nervous system. Dustienne even take us through a short breathing exercise that you can do anytime.

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103: Dr. Marshall Hagins, PT and yoga

Dr. Hagins and I discuss his current research into yoga and its effects on blood pressure. We also talk about how breathing effects the abdominal cavity and back and pelvic pain. We also talk about the different types of yoga and what might be the best type for you.

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102: Jovanka Ciares, health and wellness coach

Jovanka shares with us how to eat healthy and organic on a budget and she compared the popular “cleanses” on the market today. We also discussed her new program called the Clean Foods Diet Method. For more info on this program go to

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099: PT in developing nations. Laura Keyser, PT; Jessica McKinney, PT; Loran Hollander, PT

Today we spoke about the amazing work these ladies are doing to empower women in the developing world and beyond. We spoke about how physical therapists can have an impact on the materanl health of all womend but espcially those with obstetric fistula and other complications that can arise after giving birth, We also spoke […]

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