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123: Dr. Tiffany Griffiths and the psychology behind chronic pain

Dr. Griffiths and I discuss the role of psychology in the treatment of patients with chronic pain. What is her approach to therapy with chronic pain patients? hoe does she reach those patients who might be resistant to talk therapy? What tools does she incorporate into her practice? What are signs and symptoms a physical […]

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122: Dr. Kyle Ridgeway & the importance of Acute Care PT

Dr. Ridgeway and I talk about all things acute care physical therapy. Some of the imortant points covered in the interview are: 1) What is acute care PT and what is the value? 2) Is acute care just “walking” with a patient? 3) How do you make a connection with an acute care patient in […]

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121: Sensory Processing Disorder w/ Alexander Lopiccolo, COTA

Alex is a sensory integration occupational therapy assistant. We discussed what sensory processing disorder (SPD) is and how it differs from autism. Alex shared how he treats children with SPD using play as therapy. We discussed the importance of parent or guardian participation in patient care and how to set up a sensory gym in […]

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120: How to build good habits as a DPT student w/ Nathan Dugan

Nathan and I talk about how to start good habits when you are in PT school that can carry over to when you are a working physical therapist. Nathan gives some great advice on how to find that ever important school/life balance. We also talk about when it might be right to start your own […]

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119: Student Advocacy for the DPT Student w/ TJ Janicky

TJ and I talk about how DPT students can become advocates for the physical therapy profession. We also discuss the importance of mentorship and how to go about finding a mentor. We discussed the Service learning Clinic at Rutgers University and how it is helping DPT students gain valuable clinical experience and provide a much […]

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118: Retrain Pain w/ Elan Schneider

Elan and I talk about the program he helped to develop at H & D Physical Therapy called Retrain Pain. The program is a biopsychosocial based program that includes neuroscience pain education in a very practical way for chronic pain patients. We also discuss motivational interviewing and how that is important when dealing with a […]

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117: Dr. Joesph Brence & Dr. Francois Prizinski

Drs. Joseph Brence and Francois Prizinsky talk about their new algorithm M.I.P. discus the following: ● Introduction to Motor Control ● Explanation of our historical understanding of motor control ● Where did we go wrong… ● What do we know to be truth ● Introduction of Motivation, Input, Plan (MIP) ● Clinical Examples of ease […]

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116: Karen Litzy, how to create a successful home health practice

In this episode I talk a little bit more about what I do everyday! I talk about how I came to own and operate a private home health business. In this episode I share I used some of the lessons I learned from Marie Forleo’s B-school to grow my business over the past year. I […]

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115: John Barbis, physical therapist

John Barbis is a private physical therapist and serves as a board member for the Greater Philadelphia Pain Society. John and I discussed the wonderful work that the Greater Philadelphia Pain Society is doing for both the genreal public and the medical community. John then give us some very practical tips on how to use […]

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114: Alan Siegel, author and branding expert

Alan Siegel is one of the best-known figures in the branding industry and a longtime advocate of clarity and simplicity in communications. In 2011, Alan created Siegelvision, a new strategic branding and communications consultancy that champions clarity above all. Alan is also the founder and chairman emeritus of global branding agency Siegel+Gale.  Alan and I […]

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113: Sharon Salzberg, meditation teacher and guru

Sharon Salzberg is a meditation teacher and author. She is the cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts, and has played a crucial role in bringing Asian meditation practices to the West. The ancient Buddhist practices of vipassana (mindfulness) and metta (lovingkindness) are the foundations of her work.  Sharon and I talked […]

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112: Adriaan Louw, PT explains central sensitization

Adriaan and I discussed the ins and outs of central sensitization. Adriaan shares his knowledge on what central sensitization is, how it can be diagnosed and what the role of the physical therapist is in the treatment. Adriaan is a wealth of knowledge and has the ability to take these very complex ideas and break […]

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